I’m incredibly lucky to be supported by these four companies, who in my opinion provide the best of the best equipment. Its invaluable to have their help and expertise behind me on stage and in the studio.

I use D’addario Zyex strings on my double basses, and D’addario NYXL 45-130 on my electric basses.
I’ve been a D’addario artist for 3 years now, and they have been so helpful to me. They undoubtably make some of the best strings in the world, but if I get caught out on tour they are always there to help. Strings arrive at the venue the next day, the lovely guys from the office come out to gigs when i’m in their area.

Check out everything they do.

I use Aguilar TH500 and TH350 heads and the Aguilar SL112 cabs and a GS410 cab for the bigger gigs (where I don’t have to lift it alone!)

Aguilar make some of the best sounding most robust gear in the buisness and when they brought out the lightweight range (SL112 and the TH heads) I was blown away that they could sound that good whilst being able to load in and out in one trip!

Aguilar are a great company and totally committed to great products. They help me get cabinets where ever I am, and the TH heads are so light I can take them in my hand luggage when flying so I alway have my sound along.

I use TC electronic FX pedals. I have a whole bunch of different ones that have a lot of uses! Amongst my favourites are the Hypergravity compressor and the Ditto Looper. The great thing about the TC pedals is they are incredibly high fidelity. So I keep the tone of my basses, both acoustic and electric, whilst using them, which especially with my double bass is a must.

I’ve been using the DPA 4099 on my double bass for about 6 years now, and it is astounding. It allows me to give the real sound of my bass to the FOH engineer, and it’s so compact I never need remove it. An absolute must for double bass sound in my opinion.