Welcome to my website where you’ll find more information than you’ll ever need about me and the things that I do. Hopefully some of it will be useful and relevant and please send me a message or find me on social media I’d love to hear from you.
Thanks, Ben


Here you'll find everything about my bass playing and other gigging and playing exploits.

Wooden End Pins

Here I discuss the various merits of the wooden end pins that I make and how they can benifit double bass players.


The place you can purchase my wooden end pins.


I'm very fortunate to work with some wonderful companies that provide me with the gear I use, here I write about how great they are.


All my recording and producing work in one place! You'll also find out about my recording studio and booking info.


All the links you'll ever need to contact me, social media, mailing list and good old fashioned email. Say Hello!


Where I occasionally write down whats on my mind, for what it's worth.

Upcoming Shows

Details of some of the gigs where you can come see me play.

“Bastin’s solo here is virtuosic and highly dexterous but it’s also inherently musical and without any hint of grandstanding”Ian Mann, thejazzmann.com
“The sounds that Bastin teases out of his bass are at times quite extraordinary”Rich Rainlore
“Bastin waltzes with his bass”Dorset Press
“Equally adept with the bow as well coaxing some huge sounds from his instrument”Trudie Squires
“Ben Bastin on bass created a wonderfully tight and inventive backdrop”London Jazz News