In 2017 the Stonehouse Recording studio closed it’s doors after 8 wonderful years of music to pursue some new opportunities. Thank you to everyone who put their music in my hands. I’m still available as a freelance producer and engineer and remote mixing is still available.
I’ve been producing and engineering albums for over 10 years and in this time have recorded over ……albums including jazz, pop, classical and folk.
I have a broad experience working in various studios across the capital and through my performance work have a large group of contacts of session musicians and equipment loans.
Take a listen in the sidebar for examples of recent work at the stonehouse and my production at other studios,

  • Room

    Large Live Room with big windows for lots of natural light makes for a relaxed atmosphere for recording.

  • Instruments

    There is a wide variety of instruments to use. Grand Piano, Drum Kit, Hand-wired Valve Amp, Bass Amps, Guitars, Basses, Cello, Violin, Harmonium....

  • Gear

    Selection of top gear, including Microphones from Neumann, DPA and Shure, KRK and Yamaha Monitoring, various stock and custom MicPre's and way too many effects!

  • People

    I have been lucky enough to work with the best musicians and engineers, as well as fantastic companies for CD pressing and distribution, so I can help get your project out of the studio and into peoples hands.

7Years Open
50Albums and Counting...
999999Cups of Coffee